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UN/XFM Adult Palpation and Ausculation Manikin with Pad

Product Name: Adult Palpation and Auscultation Manikin with Pad

Product No: UN/XFM

Material: PVC


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This product makes entire thoracic teaching system functions into “ one machine” because it uses PAD embedded design with window system, which cancelled relative facilities supporting online thoracic teaching system. Pad can be connected with external mouse through touch screen easily.

1.Simulating patient, lifelike

Simulating the standard patient skin made from advanced silicon rubber, which is without poison and smell and is of stable color, soft ,elastic and durable. The skin details is very clear. And anatomical marks of the body is correct. It is life like.

2.Auscultation and palpation parts are simulated like real body.

Lung auscultation: the auscultation parts of various normal breath sounds are like real body’s. So are the auscultation parts of various abnormal breath sounds, dry and wet rales and pleural friction rub.

Heart auscultation: It not only has auscultation parts of all heart valves, but also is with necessary auscultation parts according to clinical practice, such as opening snap in the apical medial auscultation, pericardial knock, pericardial friction sound, auscultation in the 4th rib of the left thoracic under the ventricular septal defect, auscultation outside the mid clavicular line under the left ventricular loose.

Heart and lung palpation: It can simulate various precordial thrills, pericardial friction feels, pleural friction feels, sound thrills etc. Total 12 kinds of heart and lung palpation features.

3.One model can be auscultated by different people with different parts at the same time.

The model can be supplied for several persons for practicing auscultation skills with common stethoscopes on the different auscultation parts, which is the same as clinical operation. It changed the situation that one model is only for one person doing auscultation practice and other people only can watch it in the past.

4.Full training courses and completed skills.

The training courses in this system can reach 350 more items.

1) Simulating normal heart and lung auscultation sounds, such as normal breath sounds and normal heart sounds in the heart valves.

2)Normal heart sounds with abnormal features of lung.

Normal heart sounds can be heard in all the heart valves and it is with sound thrills, pleural friction feels etc palpation features. It can auscultate various abnormal breath sounds, dry and wet rales, vocal resonance, pleural friction sound etc. Normal bronchial breath sound, bronchial alveolar breath sound and alveolar breath sound can be heard in the normal lungs.

3) Heart palpation and auscultation with normal breath sound.

Palpate precordial thrill and pericardial friction feel. Auscultate various abnormal heart rate and rhythm changing and abnormal heart sounds. Auscultate cardiovascular murmur and pericardial friction sound. Normal heart sound can be heard in the auscultation zone of the undiseased valves. And various normal breath sounds can be heard on the relative parts of the lungs.

4) Heart palpation and auscultation with lung palpation and auscultation.

One kind of feature of lung auscultation can be felt while simulating heart palpation and auscultation. Normal breath sound can be heard in the health lung.

5) Valvular heart disease with normal breath sound

It has seven kinds of valvular heart diseases: mitral stenosis with AR (aortic regurgitation), mitral stenosis with AS ( aortic stenosis), tricuspid stenosis with mitral insufficiency, aortic regurgitation with mitral insufficiency, mitral stenosis with tricuspid and pulmonary valves insufficiency etc. The normal heart sounds still can be heard in the health valve auscultation zones. Normal bronchial breath sound, bronchial alveolar breath sound and alveolar breath sound can be heard in the lung.

6) Valvular heart disease with lung palpation and auscultation

Above valvular heart disease can be with one kind of lung palpation and auscultation feature such us sound thrill, pleural friction feel, abnormal breath sound, dry and wet rale, sound resonance and pleural friction sound etc. Normal breath sound still can be heard in the health lung.

5. Video contains a lot of vivid cartons. Some patients also have ECG, PCG, echocardiography, color Doppler, hemodynamic maps, etc. There are heart and lung auscultation and palpation demonstration pictures on the templates. Some patients are with CT scans, X-ray and relative anatomical, physiological and pathological images. 2D and 3D cartons simulate real heartbeat and macrovascular beat , bleeding, aortic and atrioventricular valve opening and closing, describe vividly reasons of heart sound producing, various abnormal heart rhythms and abnormal heart sounds, atrioventricular loose of valvular and congenital heart disease and hemodynamic changes etc. Lung cartons use 3D technology to simulate the diaphragm and lungs breathing exercise of real body.


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